Two chiropractors discuss the difficulties associated with having an old mattress when it comes to sex and what couples should consider while looking for a new one. You and your significant other are snuggled together on a Friday night to watch Netflix and chill. On the couch, things grow hot and steamy, and after a passionate makeout session, you head to the bedroom to clinch the deal… And the atmosphere is quickly destroyed by a creaky mattress and a wobbly headboard. Cuddling after a sexual encounter becomes unpleasant due to your sinking mattress and its firm coils, which keep you tossing and turning all night. You should choose the best mattress for sex. This is what it’s like when nice people get awful mattresses.

With everyone spending more time at home, we’ve all had plenty of time to reflect on how much we despise our furniture: According to ACI, internet retailers increased transaction volumes in home items and furnishings by 97%. Mattresses are no different. After all, what good is good sex on an inadequate mattress? Two chiropractors at New York City’s Body In Balance Chiropractic understand that sleeping on a low-quality mattress will create relationship and back pain.

“Sex is a sport, and you should always be on your best behaviour,” Dr tells PEOPLE. “Just like a pebble in your shoe impairs your running performance, a lousy mattress impairs your bed performance. Sex on anything that isn’t completely comfortable can result in spinal and pelvic abnormalities, resulting in a cascade of events such as aching muscles and achy pain. Instead of a brilliant post-sex glow, you’re left with pain.

One simple approach to determine whether it’s time to replace your mattress is to look at the amount of time you’ve owned it; the Sleep Foundation recommends replacing mattresses every six to eight years. Also, if you notice that you wake up with neck, shoulder, or back pain but feel better later in the day, that might be a sign. Take notice if you feel better sleeping in a hotel or at a friend’s house, since this may indicate that the source of your pain is your mattress.” Both physicians agree that a medium-firm mattress is optimal for spinal alignment and peaceful sleep, “which says enhanced energy and magnetic sex,” according to Dr If you enjoy a very restful night’s sleep on a hotel bed, conduct research to determine the mattress kind. It turns out that you can purchase the beds from most hotel brands, and this list details where to acquire them. If you’re frightened by a large mattress store, you may also take advantage of many direct-to-consumer best mattress firms’ free trials. Dr says that he sees several patients who struggle to enjoy sex to its full potential as a doctor due to insufficient comfort. “It’s a common problem for many couples… but people may be too embarrassed to feel help and guidance on this subject, resulting in them suffering and failing to enjoy sex as much as they could and should,” he says. “To completely enjoy sex, to have the deepest connection with your partner, and to perform at your peak requires perfect mind-body harmony and balance.