Does mattress thickness really matter?

It is very common to come across mattresses of various thicknesses while buying a mattress. Well, if we try to analyze it without any evidence. It would come up as common sense that the thicker mattresses will be comfortable to sleep in. However, we cannot be sure about it.

Moreover, without understanding how much thick a memory foam should be, we cannot decide the best for us. This article will help you understand how thick memory mattress should be and the difference between the memory foams of varying thicknesses.

What should be the ideal thickness of memory foam?

In the market, there are memory foams with a thickness of 8 and even 6 inches. Sleeping on thin mattresses can only annoy you, leading to sleep deprivation. Experts do not recommend buying these memory foams, as they will soon collapse.

The 8 inches memory foam is relatively thin and is likely to disturb your sleep. However, if you are buying these as compensation or for some emergency family get-to-gather, it is totally fine.

Another reason why the 8 inches mattresses are not the best is the layers of memory foams. In an 8 inches mattress, there are not enough layers making it thin support to sleep. An ideal mattress will have more than three layers of memory foam, and it is not possible in an 8 inches mattress.

The differences in memory foam mattresses

You can buy memory foams of varying thicknesses, from 8 inches to 14 inches. In this section, we will see the differences among these memory foam mattresses.

1.      What one to buy, an 8 inches memory foam or 10 inches?

If you are to choose between the 8 inches and 10 inches mattress. Choose the 10 inches. The 8 inches memory foam mattress is best for teenagers, underweight people, and kids.

 You cannot expect to have two or more memory foams in an 8 inches mattress. However, the 10 inches memory foam may contain two memory foams, providing extra support.

2.      Which one to buy, a 10 inches mattress or 12 inches?

If you are looking for an average and sufficient thickness, then the 10 inches memory foam is enough. On the other hand, if you sleep on your back, then choose the extra thickness memory foam, which is 12 inches in this case.

3.      Which one to buy, 12 inches or 14 inches?

The 14 inches mattress is super thick. All those mattresses ranging above 13 inches are for heavier people. If you or your partner weighs more than 260lbs, it is safe to purchase a 14 inches mattress.


Thick mattresses are best for obese people. So, while buying thick memory foam, consider your weight. If you are buying an 8-inch mattress when your weight is more than 240lbs, do not buy. Jump to 10- or 12-inches mattresses.

Lastly, personal preferences also play a role in choosing the right thickness. Some people naturally like higher mattresses, and that is what matters the most.